Holiday "Fever" ..

So , i was on holiday for the whole of last week , but rather an uninteresting one .Okei, the reasons might be uninteresting too but more funnily here I realized I still retain the kid in me ! I am still soo kiddish to think of monday office as a something not to be cherished even now.It might be a different issue that the office hours sometimes promises to be more entertaining than those spent at home , but the initial feel or the thoughts that sprout up on the word "office" did not change over years.Just that it was skool then and it is office now !

Wahaaa..I am so akin to that school kid !
I got addicted to the holidays i was forced to take for having acquired tht seasonal fever - and now i have the "Holiday" fever !

Yeah ! - After the viral fever , Now its the Holiday Fever that bit me. Hope things will change once i start attending office again !