Holiday "Fever" ..

So , i was on holiday for the whole of last week , but rather an uninteresting one .Okei, the reasons might be uninteresting too but more funnily here I realized I still retain the kid in me ! I am still soo kiddish to think of monday office as a something not to be cherished even now.It might be a different issue that the office hours sometimes promises to be more entertaining than those spent at home , but the initial feel or the thoughts that sprout up on the word "office" did not change over years.Just that it was skool then and it is office now !

Wahaaa..I am so akin to that school kid !
I got addicted to the holidays i was forced to take for having acquired tht seasonal fever - and now i have the "Holiday" fever !

Yeah ! - After the viral fever , Now its the Holiday Fever that bit me. Hope things will change once i start attending office again !



April 3, 2012 at 12:00 PM
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Its fortunately or unfortunately i dont know but happend to view your blog during office hours.when ever i am tird of work in office i just open this and see. n then im back with a bang to work during this course i was caught couple of times by my manager then u can expect i guss wat happens wen using offce timings ***@####/.As told by one of the grtst cricketes of all times sachin tendulkar ppl are of two types talentd and gifted.pple hav ability to do anything but fail to discover themselfs and msters by doing harwork and ppl who explores themsevl and njy everythig wat they do r coms in gifted category.
Ur writings have that essence that cycle brnd agarbatti has.I rlly wonder in this super busy life how can one have this much of time to explore oneself.The observation you hav and the way u describe the sitation is vry funny, the social awreness , views abt the society is rlly amazing.
I think u hav raised urself to such a level that God asks u wat to grand u.I rlly appreciate u for having great stat of mind. All d best fr ur future wrks.

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