Happy Retirement !! :)

I just got back a while ago from a much awaited trip to the garden city..
Now , why i am sitting to scribble instead cherishing a loooong nap..!!!

Well , its about those memories of the trip that i prolly want to savor and treasure before the mist of it is lost.....

Undoubtedly , this post has to start with how i njoyed my stay at the campus of iim-b , Argghh ! it felt like heavens ..with absolutely Zero pollution around and topping to it was the lush green hues around.It actually felt like i was living in a hermit sort of stufff...!! Was just badly missing my canvas and brushes.. else would have captured some of those lively and scenic views right away. Ok , I have a clicked some pictures and i hope to steal some time out of my supposedly busy schedule next week to paint some of them.

It puts me in thoughts all of a sudden , as to what made the trip so memorable !!!
Was tht becoz i was visiting tht city for the first time evr...or it coz of the huge gathering of people and cousins i got to spend a lot of time with..
Looks like i can nt really attribute any single reason it and all i know now is- Had a blasting time and that was really needed at this moment !

Also this post should nt end with out treasuring this excerpt i wrote on the occasion om my uncle's retirement.We did actually plan out a surprise for the couple , by scribbling down our love for them with some fancy poster clubbed with photographs and framing it out !!!!...It did take quite a lot of time to write it but i really liked the way the framing of words worked out at the end of it :)

Ramanayya garu ,

Today , as you step into this new and vibrant phase of life , here is what we wish to say ,

H ope all your Monday mornings will start feeling like weekends !!! J
A rrange to spend the rest of life in celebrations and hope god gives you all such chances! J
P ut up your feet and live in those missed out merry moments probably stolen by your work . J
P ull in your socks for a fresh start and give life a huge hug ! J
Y awn to the heart’s content as your share your life’s best moments with us , inspiriting us all along… J

R est and relax a lot , which probably is more a need of the moment !
E njoy and enlighten us with your enriched experiences to make our lives more beautiful….
T ake time to peek that joyous angle of life and may your better half cherish it equally J
I nstigate those forgotten hobbies and may you attain peaks of joy pursuing them….
R elieve those stringent principles only to lead a more principled and planned life..
E mbellish life in all possible modes and may god amplify it giving you a happy time with your children and grandchildren very soon….
M ay life give you ample time for yourself and your family!
E ver inspiring is your diligently woven life and those paved paths , which now serve as our examples …
N ext is a crossroad of life with Signboard “Retirement” , but on a contrary it actually means “New Beginning” .
T hose days of 9 to 5 are lost and happy days are here at last !!!! :)

And Finally, Wishing you load and loads celebrations filled with healthy, joyous and tranquil moments ahead !!!


PS : Its different story as i was immediately set to think, would somebody plan out for such things during my retirement :P but shook my head off soon to get on to the life boat which really really has to sail a loooong way to reach the station with Sign Board "Retirement" :)


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