Of Tangent Lines ..I Speak Of Tales...

Got to glance this excerpt from a blog i accidentally got to read.. and it just put me into the pondering mode that m not able to get out of !!

Math tells us of the 3 saddest love stories:

Of parallel lines, who were never meant to meet.
Of tangent lines, who were together once but then parted forever.
And of asymptotes, who could only get closer and closer, but could never be together.

WOW..Just WOW.....
A very nice and thoughtful analogy of maths to love stories !!....
Great Job Mr/Miss/Mrs Anonymous Author !!! Bravo !

On the upper crust it reminded me of two things -
Maths , Maths and Maths : Looong time i actually used/applied any maths in my day to day software job profile.. those derivations and integrations....calculi plots....speed math techs ..i used to work for hours n hours during CAT prep and pre-Grad days.....Wonderful times...
Grin grin :) This also reminds of few sentences i saw in my neighbor's kid's notebook while helping her solve some problems yday.....
""Dear maths, plz grow up soon & try 2 solve your own problems. Don't depend on others " :-)" Haha.... :)

Well , now that i am drifting off , The second thing that those three lines reminded me of was the "Pain factor".Well ,it was just the other day that myself and Vijji was hearing to some "Pain"Full songs while driving our way back to homes......Among all other things ,we picked up those explicitly for that day's drive, for reasons that all such songs are generally melody filled n stuffed with very high lyrical value.

You might zoom in and rock out with that metal and rap for the beats of Linkin Park , you might forget to blink watching some Bryan Adam's album...you might get tuned in with those flowing Jazz notes.....but nothing can substitute a desi song with intense lyrical value stuffed with melody....it just grips..It takes you far away beyond those horizons..... :) One such number i am ryt now listening to...

Karige loga ee kshanam..
Gadipeyaali jeevitham..
Silagaa migile naa hrudayam Saakshiga..

How i wish i had that magic in hands for writing such beautiful verses as Vanamaali.....Can there be a reason for not liking these lines ? It inspires pure lust and unadulterated fond from anybody..!!

Parugulu theesthu alasina oo nadhini nenu..
Iru theeraallo dheniki cheruva kaanu..
Niduranu daati nadichina oo kala nenu..
Irukannullo dheniki sontham kanu..

And as always , I digress :) !! Yeah..from Maths to Aarya 2 :)
So , Signing off for now with lots of Weekend plans in mind !!


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