A Decade and more talk..

This past decade has been quite eventful for me – I left home for college ( Okey , you should know i am a single child and my threshold for staying apart from parents was absolutely zero until i left home for my +2 studies ), I met people who would become some of my best friends ( infact the bestest ) , my desire of getting into one of the best UnderGrad Colleges of Andhra got materialized ( I know ! but you should know this - I was a 'non-local' Andhraite and there was a point when my admission into any of the Engineering Colleges at Andhra was under Serious Questions ) , my long held craving of having an Exhibition of my Art Works at one of the Best Galleries of the City was fulfilled .  I fell in and out of friendships, basically got transformed from a shy,timid girl to a matured lady who can at-least manage to reach out to solutions at any sort of grumpy situations for that matter and got to learn to manage people of any sort. I became financially independent and above that I learnt to love the work I was doing, and I also could strike a balance between my work , my extra curricular and entertainment .. Phew ! So much of my life till now took place in the last 10 years !

Having said that , there r quite a lot of things that got spilled over ( Yet to happen and i am quite hopeful for them to happen .... Ahem! ) to the next decade as well. However, the coming one would witness a more matured me after all that lessons et al i got to learn from this decade ...And yeah so this blog is for all that "gyan" i have been made to learn ,  that i need to read and re-read ;) to have a good stead in the coming decade :) ...

It’s okay if things don’t happen the way you planned -
That one odd mark kept me out of the Admissions into BITS at pilani into the streams that i wanted to go for and undoubtedly left me wondering how foolish i was for having not applied for any Dual Degree courses , for those would have some how put me into the prestigious skool. However , had that not happened i would nt have made into CBIT , where i learnt some of my Life's most fetching lessons and more importantly , got to pursue my passion only to give a more meaningful shape in the next few years....
I had planned for my MS during college  and for MBA right after college but situations saw me landing up in a software firm....only to make me more grumpy , but today i seem to be quite contended with my current work and the state of life.This state doesnt mean "ambition-less" me ..but i have had quite a wonderful journey i would always cherish...
Those two incidents actually taught me tht its ok if things dont happen as planned , your plans r not the only routes to make life better.Dont refrain from planning your paths , but realize there other better paths too.

It's good to think , wise to re-think but never over-think ! -
This is something i tried hard to sink with in me -" not to over-ponder" - given a situation.
Quite Often i did witness that , strategies that strike over initial and lil intense pondering do seem to be working out , but something that resulted out of over-analyzing and extremely meticulous planning will be limping with follies , most of the times .So , Think wise and Act smart - Things are no better even if you over cling to it !
Sometimes it’s best to learn to let go -
All my life i strongly emphasized on this .."Even as puppet in God's hands , One can put soo much weight that the threads would break open "..and goes without saying that i do believe in God , Destiny and all that stuff but again i believe more strongly that , even if something has nt been planned for you by the big man sitting there in the sky ,  it can still be made with human-effort ....However i feel quite restless when i landup in things i have no control over ...only to result in more perturbed times. 
So , this taught me that its quite important to learn to let go - Even if that would nt change the situations - that would definitely make me more calmer and cool....Whr else is Murphy's Law more significant !- "When things can go wrong -they will "..Learn to let it go...

You aren’t always the person you think you are -
As much bold and confident girl , i portray myself as , it dint really take much time to understand that probably it needs more time to title myself as one. One unexpected incident and i find myself drooping down and acting the way least expected out of me .Looking back on that event, there are so many things I wish I had done differently. But most of all, I was shattered by how weak my behaviour was through the whole episode – it was like seeing a new side of me that didn’t exist, and I wasn’t proud of me.And while the biggest take-away from that entire episode was that I promised myself that I would be a stronger, braver person, it also made me understand myself better, forced me to acknowledge some of my shortcomings, and work on them.

Live for today -
This is a philosophy I picked up along the way to adulthood. And it’s a philosophy I endorse completely. Sure, I look forward to the future with eagerness and anticipation. And I look back on the past with fondness and nostalgia. And yet, I live for today – I believe in making the most of now, and this has made me a very happy and a content person.

Phew ! And that’s the end of class for today folks. ;-) ..Have a relieved time ahead ;-) .

Nicey Moments....

And then , I had to plan it again on the last moment (gosh!!! one-two-four..no!!!..this is the fifth instance whr i m the dragging the gifting ideas to the last possible moment  !!) and all i had was few more hours before Vijji's Bday would end as per the calender and ..ishhh..... i wanted to gift and ... actually ..gift something tht would be more soulful .....Kurti, Watch ..JeAns ??...Bangles....bEaDs !! hmmn designer jhumkis ...ummm..hand bag : / ...nothing..nods n nods for evry options tht propped up in mind.....So heart takes over the control and gives me an idea of writing a poem for her and framing it out..and as always...attached a concept to make it lil hatke and wow..WOW..i liked it again..and again !!! ( ab itni to khud ki taareef karni chahiye :P )

Okies , Here it goes...

Beneath the blues and amidst the hues, Together did we share a stock full of moments…

Moments , that we laughed at , cried on or quarreled about..
Moments , that we drove around , forgetting the surround..

Moments , that made us draw an intersection of our contradicting worlds ..
Moments , that made us digress in our unbounded chords…

Moments , when you repair my despair..
Moments , when you made me feel like in the air…

Moments , that saw us pine and whine..
Moments , that heard us giggle in rain…

Moments , when I realized how it feels to have sister beside , when in dark..
Moments , when I found I am never the same in your company , when in lark....

Moments , that I would await when that red rose blooms in your life…
Moments , that I would await when that pale of white is dispelled from your life...

Moments , that would be my memories , for life coming…
Moments , I thanked heavens as they chose you, for sending …

And Finally , my dearest angel , this moment , when  I hand this flowers to u , and when those infinite blessings shower on u …I chose to sing this song for u….A Very Happy Birthday to u…!!!!!!!

Luv U..Jaanu. :)

And gotcha see a smile on vijji's face broader than the bouquet i presented ..................That was a return gift , u see !! :) ..And now the pics time ...

Beyond Boootiful !!!!!

A frnd had sent me her travel pics to Republic of Mauritius and that instigated me to find out more abt this place , which , otherwise is ,  in no way a google search topic , these days .(esp. with the bug heat the releasing Fusion product had descended on us !)

Well , i had to, as the pics they captured of the places there were just beyond beautiful ...(A known fact tht it is a beautiful place , but a close frnd of mine visiting it actually drew my attention lil more towards it now ! ) .

Those stretches of blues and sea bathed with gleaming sun was worth a site !
The beckoning green landscape and deep limpid blue seascape was very alluring than i had expected it be !.
I have also heard a lot abt some rare exotic plants collections , palm stretches  and some rare fauna which  is unique to this very Island  , also being worth a watch !!!.

Probably a some good experiences too wid  good underwater diving options and stuff  too, however i am not sure how well would i njoy given tht i have no experience with swimming sport as such :( .

Well this is all of wht i could perceive from these clicked pictures of my frnd  that i really liked.....

What so ever , this becomes one place wch i would  definetly look forward to visit , sometime , in future : ) and hoping to write another enormous blog post on my own experineces with this tropical paradise aka Island amidst Indian Ocean :)

A review , year old...

Well , Probably it is plain inconsiderate to pen down a review for a movie 1 yr exactly after its release , but i believe and i do believe it very strongly that i have to type down (I know , m no Critical Critic !) on wht i feel over it as i just finished watching it for the fourth-time-ever , and this time , a lil more meticulously than ever.

It was a dry sunday morning and having had no other exciting stuff on hand to brag-on after the brunch , switched on the TV to spot the 'Leader' movie being Telecast on Maa Channel.Oops, the other alternatives being those dubbed Nagarjuna movies on Sony and a Yuk-Horror on Star Movies !!..(It was just far beyond tolerance to watch it and i had to switch on to some pleasant movie to keep rejecting some of the scenes i was managing to watch for about five minutes then , And 'Leader' looked like a savior !)

Leader is a powerful, inspiring movie, but more importantly, it tries to be an honest, brave movie. And this, its greatest strength, is also its downfall. What appealed to me the most about the movie is also what has stopped it from being accepted wholeheartedly – its brave but failed attempt to show that changing the system is not a cake-walk, and that to do it, one has to become part of the system and be willing to play the rules of the very game you are trying to change.

The movie struggles to find the right balance between being a fantasy about a single man changing the political landscape, and being an honest film which showcases how deeply corruption is embedded in the system, and how it is impossible for any one person to change it. Unfortunately, the movie is unable to fully embrace either line and go ahead with it, and ends up making compromises and becoming an in-between film, which, though it still makes for excellent cinema, leaves one with a vague sense of dissatisfaction.

For a movie about changing the system, the audience should be raging at the system as they walk out of the theater, all pumped up to go and change it. If it was more in the style of realistic cinema, one would be coming out of the theater with a sense of despair that things will never change. In Leader however, one is really unsure how to react.

I found the shades of grey in the protagonist Arjun (Rana Daggubati) quite fascinating. Here is a ‘hero’ who does not hesitate to bribe people to get what he wants, evoke his recently assassinated father’s memory to win people on his side, manipulate an innocent girl into falling in love with him for an ulterior motive. Of course, one is willing to forgive him for all of this because the ultimate goal is noble; but showing that Arjun was willing to play by the very rules he detests and wants to change is a very brave directorial decision in the land of the whitewashed hero of Telugu cinema.

Leader’s rather lengthy digression into romance in the second half is also problematic. My problem is not with the romance per se, but the kind of romance shown here seems out of place in a movie like this. I’m rather surprised at how badly the romance bits were handled, given the Shekar Kammula is a director whose previous movies were all about relationships. However, I was told after watching the movie that the second half actually had a portion about Telengana partition; with the actual Telangana agitation just before the movie was due to release, this portion had to be chopped off, and was replaced with the romance. I don’t know how far if it is true, but it does seem to make sense, given how the romance seemed completely cut off from the rest of the movie, though ostensibly its very much a part of the narrative.

That apart , Rana Daggubati is , without any doubt, the best looking thing I have seen on screen in a long, long time and undoubtedly has an incredible screen presence, and delivers an earnest performance too. No awkwardness of the first-timer here at all. Priya Anand and Richa too hav their performances delivered to a satisfactory level.The senior actors like Suhasini and Kota give great performances, but that is to be expected.Can't really attach any gilt to Mickey Meyer (his songs have a sense of sameness) but I really liked the ‘Maa Telugu Talli’ remix !! .

So all in all, I thought this was a great movie, a very brave effort and I was quite impressed by it.And watching gave a sense of completeness to my sunday afternoon , I was happy about !!

Of Tangent Lines ..I Speak Of Tales...

Got to glance this excerpt from a blog i accidentally got to read.. and it just put me into the pondering mode that m not able to get out of !!

Math tells us of the 3 saddest love stories:

Of parallel lines, who were never meant to meet.
Of tangent lines, who were together once but then parted forever.
And of asymptotes, who could only get closer and closer, but could never be together.

WOW..Just WOW.....
A very nice and thoughtful analogy of maths to love stories !!....
Great Job Mr/Miss/Mrs Anonymous Author !!! Bravo !

On the upper crust it reminded me of two things -
Maths , Maths and Maths : Looong time i actually used/applied any maths in my day to day software job profile.. those derivations and integrations....calculi plots....speed math techs ..i used to work for hours n hours during CAT prep and pre-Grad days.....Wonderful times...
Grin grin :) This also reminds of few sentences i saw in my neighbor's kid's notebook while helping her solve some problems yday.....
""Dear maths, plz grow up soon & try 2 solve your own problems. Don't depend on others " :-)" Haha.... :)

Well , now that i am drifting off , The second thing that those three lines reminded me of was the "Pain factor".Well ,it was just the other day that myself and Vijji was hearing to some "Pain"Full songs while driving our way back to homes......Among all other things ,we picked up those explicitly for that day's drive, for reasons that all such songs are generally melody filled n stuffed with very high lyrical value.

You might zoom in and rock out with that metal and rap for the beats of Linkin Park , you might forget to blink watching some Bryan Adam's album...you might get tuned in with those flowing Jazz notes.....but nothing can substitute a desi song with intense lyrical value stuffed with melody....it just grips..It takes you far away beyond those horizons..... :) One such number i am ryt now listening to...

Karige loga ee kshanam..
Gadipeyaali jeevitham..
Silagaa migile naa hrudayam Saakshiga..

How i wish i had that magic in hands for writing such beautiful verses as Vanamaali.....Can there be a reason for not liking these lines ? It inspires pure lust and unadulterated fond from anybody..!!

Parugulu theesthu alasina oo nadhini nenu..
Iru theeraallo dheniki cheruva kaanu..
Niduranu daati nadichina oo kala nenu..
Irukannullo dheniki sontham kanu..

And as always , I digress :) !! Yeah..from Maths to Aarya 2 :)
So , Signing off for now with lots of Weekend plans in mind !!

Happy Retirement !! :)

I just got back a while ago from a much awaited trip to the garden city..
Now , why i am sitting to scribble instead cherishing a loooong nap..!!!

Well , its about those memories of the trip that i prolly want to savor and treasure before the mist of it is lost.....

Undoubtedly , this post has to start with how i njoyed my stay at the campus of iim-b , Argghh ! it felt like heavens ..with absolutely Zero pollution around and topping to it was the lush green hues around.It actually felt like i was living in a hermit sort of stufff...!! Was just badly missing my canvas and brushes.. else would have captured some of those lively and scenic views right away. Ok , I have a clicked some pictures and i hope to steal some time out of my supposedly busy schedule next week to paint some of them.

It puts me in thoughts all of a sudden , as to what made the trip so memorable !!!
Was tht becoz i was visiting tht city for the first time evr...or it coz of the huge gathering of people and cousins i got to spend a lot of time with..
Looks like i can nt really attribute any single reason it and all i know now is- Had a blasting time and that was really needed at this moment !

Also this post should nt end with out treasuring this excerpt i wrote on the occasion om my uncle's retirement.We did actually plan out a surprise for the couple , by scribbling down our love for them with some fancy poster clubbed with photographs and framing it out !!!!...It did take quite a lot of time to write it but i really liked the way the framing of words worked out at the end of it :)

Ramanayya garu ,

Today , as you step into this new and vibrant phase of life , here is what we wish to say ,

H ope all your Monday mornings will start feeling like weekends !!! J
A rrange to spend the rest of life in celebrations and hope god gives you all such chances! J
P ut up your feet and live in those missed out merry moments probably stolen by your work . J
P ull in your socks for a fresh start and give life a huge hug ! J
Y awn to the heart’s content as your share your life’s best moments with us , inspiriting us all along… J

R est and relax a lot , which probably is more a need of the moment !
E njoy and enlighten us with your enriched experiences to make our lives more beautiful….
T ake time to peek that joyous angle of life and may your better half cherish it equally J
I nstigate those forgotten hobbies and may you attain peaks of joy pursuing them….
R elieve those stringent principles only to lead a more principled and planned life..
E mbellish life in all possible modes and may god amplify it giving you a happy time with your children and grandchildren very soon….
M ay life give you ample time for yourself and your family!
E ver inspiring is your diligently woven life and those paved paths , which now serve as our examples …
N ext is a crossroad of life with Signboard “Retirement” , but on a contrary it actually means “New Beginning” .
T hose days of 9 to 5 are lost and happy days are here at last !!!! :)

And Finally, Wishing you load and loads celebrations filled with healthy, joyous and tranquil moments ahead !!!


PS : Its different story as i was immediately set to think, would somebody plan out for such things during my retirement :P but shook my head off soon to get on to the life boat which really really has to sail a loooong way to reach the station with Sign Board "Retirement" :)

Holiday "Fever" ..

So , i was on holiday for the whole of last week , but rather an uninteresting one .Okei, the reasons might be uninteresting too but more funnily here I realized I still retain the kid in me ! I am still soo kiddish to think of monday office as a something not to be cherished even now.It might be a different issue that the office hours sometimes promises to be more entertaining than those spent at home , but the initial feel or the thoughts that sprout up on the word "office" did not change over years.Just that it was skool then and it is office now !

Wahaaa..I am so akin to that school kid !
I got addicted to the holidays i was forced to take for having acquired tht seasonal fever - and now i have the "Holiday" fever !

Yeah ! - After the viral fever , Now its the Holiday Fever that bit me. Hope things will change once i start attending office again !