Beyond Boootiful !!!!!

A frnd had sent me her travel pics to Republic of Mauritius and that instigated me to find out more abt this place , which , otherwise is ,  in no way a google search topic , these days .(esp. with the bug heat the releasing Fusion product had descended on us !)

Well , i had to, as the pics they captured of the places there were just beyond beautiful ...(A known fact tht it is a beautiful place , but a close frnd of mine visiting it actually drew my attention lil more towards it now ! ) .

Those stretches of blues and sea bathed with gleaming sun was worth a site !
The beckoning green landscape and deep limpid blue seascape was very alluring than i had expected it be !.
I have also heard a lot abt some rare exotic plants collections , palm stretches  and some rare fauna which  is unique to this very Island  , also being worth a watch !!!.

Probably a some good experiences too wid  good underwater diving options and stuff  too, however i am not sure how well would i njoy given tht i have no experience with swimming sport as such :( .

Well this is all of wht i could perceive from these clicked pictures of my frnd  that i really liked.....

What so ever , this becomes one place wch i would  definetly look forward to visit , sometime , in future : ) and hoping to write another enormous blog post on my own experineces with this tropical paradise aka Island amidst Indian Ocean :)


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