Holiday "Fever" ..

So , i was on holiday for the whole of last week , but rather an uninteresting one .Okei, the reasons might be uninteresting too but more funnily here I realized I still retain the kid in me ! I am still soo kiddish to think of monday office as a something not to be cherished even now.It might be a different issue that the office hours sometimes promises to be more entertaining than those spent at home , but the initial feel or the thoughts that sprout up on the word "office" did not change over years.Just that it was skool then and it is office now !

Wahaaa..I am so akin to that school kid !
I got addicted to the holidays i was forced to take for having acquired tht seasonal fever - and now i have the "Holiday" fever !

Yeah ! - After the viral fever , Now its the Holiday Fever that bit me. Hope things will change once i start attending office again !

..A lil more than half way to happiness....

..So ,I gave a free rein to my creativity last night after a stretched sulkiness of about one complete week.And i also have to attribute this change of mood to a loong discussion i had with a frnd and it cheered me up again and yeah , here goes what i have to write for today ...

"Em-Bee-Yea" ,a dream-cum-ambition-cum-desire ryt from times immemorial( okies , at least frm my college times ) , continued to take back seat over years now for reasons made by me (offo - Yeah !!).Or rather i say the quest went to peaks during my early days of Oracle however in no time the curve dropped to a level nearing the zero-line.I could have stretched to make the ends meet but just did'nt happen.

So what made me back to the path-Happy this time is this Em-Bea-Yea frnd and a looong chat with her.We spoke in length about skools and their gen env.The fin stuff tht sucks and the fun stuff tht entices , the opportunities ahead in the consulting world and the unending fun we have during classes.Those wonderful profs we meet and that wonderful frnds we make.Those hectic schedules we curse and those sleepless nights we experience.Those party nights we look forward to and those fun events we get drenched in.Totally total , it looked soo-oo-oo saccharine to me that i already felt i was stepping into some skool.Already half-way to the YAPPY-NESS .

Though a half-way to it in thoughts ! :)

In which we make merry...

It so happens seldom tht those lily sprucy merry feelings creepin with out any possibly outstanding reason n i end up thinking for hours (!!)as to whr did it all start.Well,initial deluge of thoughts meltout in no time as i start relating them logically to the merry state of mind .More so often ,i go err and draw possible conclusions for a sudden joy of this form n yeah , as i am doing today , yeah - m in in all it now !.

It surr-prrr-rises me tht it has nothing to do wid the first lemon luise bhutta (yum -yum)of the seasons i had yday, neither its coz of the loong chitchatting wid an age-old frnd njoying the pitter-patter of the monsoon showers and nor did it erupt out on the sudden onset of solitude for both mom and dad left to grandpa's place attending some unscheduled events and i was all alone in home just bragging on to some wildest stuff possible.(true! sumtimes i njoy solitude too !)More brain work attempting to relate to some interesting meet over the last weekend or some painting i very much wanted to finish doesnt seemed to add any missing clarity !

Then n then , in the end it dawned on me that i m prolly being moron in trying to dig out for so called "reasons" !! When its ON ..muse along with it and savor ! Nevr know some bug tomm might steal it all !So i am all merrymaking for now njoying some lovely shreya ghoshal's numbers.. ! Laaala lala. aalaa...

WaterColors in Tandem - when an artist decides to blog :P

Had a stable week this time with more productive work on board including finishing two lovely paintings(atleast 2 me :P) in watercolors tht i sketched some 6 months back. Huh! Had been out of the watercolor world for quite sumtime now but a recent gallery visit at Lakdikapul incited me again .

The beauty with water colors lies in its stokes and gaps - Well one needs to get the tact of spreading thru strokes ....and patching it up after adequate gaps(both on paper and in time !!) . Take it frm me guys ....a mess in any of the duo will result in something like this .... :P

Okei , now tht i am too excited to show wht i have done, without any slightest of further delay , here i go n upload them for you peeek...

And haan before i upload the next one , i should say that it was one of milind mulick books tht stands as an inspiration for the work ..nevertheless to mention for the strokes and techniques too..(Deliberately skipped uploading the original one to avoid comparisons :P)

Here goes the next one ...Rocks hither and yon..
This one is snap tht we took on our stroll at Chennai beach in one of our LTC tours of south india..Of course kept the hues mild to preserve the serenity of it :)

And yaa....if anyone of u guessed..this post stands a precursor to future posts of my works on FB ...(oils , watercolors , acrylics ,photoColors , pastels , fabrics..) .

Do Checkout my FB space soon..Cya.. :)

Weekend Dairy..

If not for the oath that I had taken (I presume i was serious then ;)) on the inauguration of this blog - tht i would scribble down those moments where i FELT genuinely/experienced myself , I would have bumped posts one after another by now with my imaginations , emerging out of my "Thought Generator" :)

Well , nevertheless its nevr too late and i believe i gotta change my norms for blog writing so here i am again after a short hiatus :-).

Most of my childhood frnds knw tht i have been an very imaginative child (of course my mom had to work hard to get me out of my woven-up worlds sometimes :))This again reminds me of a question wch people pose at me quite so often esp. during those loong train journeys frm Kol-Hyd / Hyd-Rjy....rather wch irked me those days.

Well , a lot of times when I say I have no siblings , they respond with ‘Just you? No brothers n Sisters ?’ in a tone of mingled surprise and pity. And I used to hear the words so often that I am made to feel sorry for myself for not having a brother and sister ,while I actually appreciated their sympathy, and vaguely assumed they felt sorry simply because I am missing out on the fun that comes with having a bro/sis. Most of times i used to end up explaining how big a family i come from , and hw close a network my cousins and my frnds form , only to notice a drastic change in their expressions :) .However those thoughts used to get to a halt at the end of my train journeys as I never really get a chance to think abt it after i resume to my life journey.Well ,Thanks to my parents and my ever lovely frnds for tht !!

Okei , now as u c dear readers - I digress !.
Coming back to post part of it , this week has been a store of surprises for me that i started feeling like on a Trampoline.Well after all that scheduled by god happened to me ,something that deserves to make a presence in my dairy , this weekend , is the state of mind I am in.

Sometimes, when I have more than a couple choices in front of me, clarity seems abandon me. Irrespective of how many times I toss and turn, I come up with the same answer - confusion. It's like no matter what I do, the options keep getting so contorted and twisted that in the end, all I want to do is go to sleep. :)

At those times, I'd like to take a quick peek into my future, maybe 8-9 months down the line, just to see which one of those options play out. It would definitely result in a much more calmer me. But is there a cost to such clarity?

Over the last month or so, I have been cribbing to all my intimate frnds who's been (unfortunately, for them) willing to lend an ear about the bad dreams that keep me up at night, about various changes in my life which are taking some time getting used to, about the fact that now I have to actually work for a living and manage expenses (as opposed to faffing before), about how my aerobics lessons go unyielding , about... well, about anything under the sun. While all this while, there are people who I know are going through utter crap in life, only to be smiling every single day through all of it. I think that, truly, is the cue for me to stop whining and get on with it.

So here i go , put a fullstop to the digressing thoughts , and become a happy penguine :).But I am sure I'd be happy reading this dairy of mine after about 8-9 months from now ! Chalo gotcha catch up some sleep now.Bye !

Post -EarthDay Effects ...!!

Its all over...I guess..The Earth Day passed by n the Earth week is gone !

However the seed of thought initiated by my Sonu(Oops ! Pluueashh do read the previous post to know who Sonu izz !)started rooting out n z finally budding n flowering !!

Sach !..Cursor ur way through the following snapshots..Sry i mean Flash thoughts...n do tell me if a E-Tree got constructed in my brain sand ! :-)

Incident 1 -Monday Morning, 9:45 AM - On my way to Office

"Huh!! ilaaaaaa at this rate i ll exhaust all the fifteen minutes left for the meeting! " .
I was standing opp to CyberTowers Parking trying to make it to the other side of the road to pickup my Orcl cab.I have been hazzling back n forth in an attempt to make my way amidst the flow of vehicles for about 10 min now.
Kept staring at the unending flow of vehicles...Bolero , Santro , Verna , Alto , Maruti , Splash , Splendour , n ...n a Skoda. :)
Not many have more than one person seated along with the driver !(Believe me ..thiz z the case wid innova too !)

Strangely rather than worrying about the slipping time , I started thinking about the pollution emission n horrified calculating the emissions(VolumeOfGases/m3) around hitech city for one day !

"As this rate this area will get swamped with smoke for future generations" ...Felt like chocking already !!!

Incident 2 - Friday Evening, 5:45 PM - On a time pass shopping with Lavs..

CoverUp Botique :
Went to pick up a casual top n was happy to c the Designer using paper-made bags for delivery !!(by physically challenged /orphan children n sum self-help groups ) Called her up later on reaching home n found out the details of orphanage - passed it on to a near by boutique frnd , a potential implementer of such ideas !
Hmmn... Was on a trial to connect the dots here wch r otherwise scattered !

Incident 3 - Saturday Night , 11:PM - After a freaking movie

It was during those EarthWeek browsings that i came across these wonderful lines from Dr.Abdul Kalam .Just wondered if these things were so simple n trivial , y would he chose to expatiate on them in the first place !

Well , coming back to me - those word r moments got imprinted to an extent that i atleast precariously remember to display-off my linux , shutdown my laptop / lights n fans evrytime they dont make sense !!..Naah I wasnt doing them regularly earlier - hence i say "precarious" :P

Incident 4 - Sunday Morning , 11:00 AM - Car Pooling at my apartment.

From Times Immemorial [:P - just exaggerating here]I have been planning to drive to my office , but my dad had always been a potential competitor [:P hehe kidding , the distance he gotto to travel for his office is triple da mine -- so..obviously ! - Hope the trend would be changing dis yr considering his latest posting !].
And coz we live in a so called "Estates" of the area with computer engineers flocking out ..I always used to look for people with similar destinations..

Well , then I was doing for my comfy...but now I have gone ahead n charted out a carpool funda n the response z amazing ! (n m doing simply coz the calculations of petrol saved per week in case of car pool just at my flats seemed to be too big a number to ignore !)..

Incident 5 - Sunday Evening , 5:PM - Money Plant distribution.

Naah ! Dont mean i did a mass distribution n all!Juz did the things in my purview....
Have been observing a few dry houses in my floor..primarily coz of the residents hectic schedules !Hmmnm...Thought of adding a tinge of greenery to their abodes.. :)

Since Money plant is the one that would sustain irrespective of proper care , sunlight , water etc.. n of course for being an easy re-shoot option , I had planted a few of them in bottles n pots n distributed them...Incredible..Smiles i witnessed on recipient's face were just incredible !

P.S - This post isn't a SD for sure :) .

Juzz a honest attempt to type down the thoughts/activities as pure as they were formed so that the genuine factor doesnt get lost ! All the above stuff mite nt be mighty enuf for a provoking change , however , denser the population involved in such activities n the longer the time period such activities r perused - the better for our very own Environment .

What say frnds ??

Tweet Tweet..!!..Twitters Alive !!

The room was dark with no rays of light sneaking into it .Had been posting some tweets on twitter and reading others for the past 15 min or so..but mere is do pal ki sukoon ko dekha nahi gaya Indian Electricity Board walon se , jhat se power cut !! Lazily gazed at the clock hung and realized that its already half-past-twelve !!Bumped out of the chair as it struck me that there were relatives too in the house n i have nt been spending time wid them - aaarrgghh !!... .....Browsing mein time kaise katt jata hai !

Hastily stepped out of the room and wht do i see - my lil bro playing in the hall wid ...wid..those lil tiny cute chirpy sparrows !! [The hall has an attached balcony - the only source of ventilation for air , sunlight , hyderabadi dust :P and ofcourse for sparrows tooo !! :-)] There were two of them i guess - or the third one was playing chuppa chuppi....looks like he has mastered the art of buttering sparrows ...they were hopping on his shoulders with out any slightest of the fears n hez giggling out of joy !!

Tringg Tring -- Flashback....Bachpan ki yaad aagayi..(Nahi yaar - woh wala bachpan nahi -- reminds of those days we shifted to this beautiful flat some 3-4 yr back !)
Well , there were three things that i liked the most abt this flat -
The balcony attached(used by sparrows to make frequent visits to the hall),view from the terrace (gave me a glimpse of this beautiful city) n ofcourse my neighbour's Skoda :P

Those days ,sparrows were plenty in the backyard n their chirpy, cute ways endeared them to us.Used to feed some seeds n water and it gave immense pleasure .Several incidents of dad removing sparrow's nest from the backside of a photoframe , a sparrow fighting with its reflection in the mirror of bedroom etc. etc. r always fresh n evr-refreshing in the memory DB ! These dayzz ...i stopped throwing seeds r even filling the water tub for them !! Or I would rather say loong time that i had actually seen a sparrow hopping in the hall !!

Hurried to him like a small kid and tried to play along with them..but they were flying back to him n i hardly managed to feed them or touch them even after 10-15 min !..hmmn..n my sonu ,raising his eyebrows said "Dekha !! -- yeh mere twitters hai !! Twitters alive !!"....Dekha jaye to this was my bro's plan in return to an incident happened that morning ...

It was early in the morning that day , my bro was wandering around me lurking sheepily at my lappy..n i was refusing to give him sum time on it.
"Sonnuu...I m on twitter - u dunno anything abt it...Jake khelo !!"

And he showed me that he had twitters alive n i was after the mirage !! --Haha...Awww !! Kya generation hai !!

PS: With Earth day coming around , Intent of this blog z to provoke earthly thoughts , as there may not be any "Sonu" s for every "Me" s existing today !!
Have Fun n Think Green !!

And yet , this parable got me hooked up...

"Hope there are not many people of that genre in this crowd " Arun's comment made me rethink...My eyes were following his hand movements waving around the podium in all directions.There is no second thought about his oratory skills but what made me muse this time is not the beauty of his expression .... it's his words that hit me hard !!

"Let me take you all to a world of maze - with four lil creatures making their way out it as guided by their reflexes.I am sure there would be none in this crowd who wouldn't be falling into any one of those 4 categories. Introspecting deep , it boils down to a fact that - its all about the way we perceive a change in life " .

Arun went on describing the fable "Who Moved My Cheese" ...nd about those four characters which Mr.Spencer Johnson has chosen to categorize people into - Sniff ,Scurry , Hem 'nd Ham !! Their characters being resembled by the very meaning of their names !!

Being seated in the first row I had the opportunity to look back at evry pause that Arun took ....just to collect the pulse of the audience seated there. Being a co-orator it looked promising that the NIT Warangal guys were actually enthralled and into the maze already ....felt happy that my task down the lane is half-simplified . Its at that moment that a whisper of two guys relating a kid from a painting of mine to tht SlumDog wala kid caught my ears as they went on talking more about the strokes and stuff..mueh !! audience do have artists !!! exclaimed me !! Looked back hurriedly at all my paintings and the theme based story line-up woven boards that we cautiously arranged on the seminar stage ....everything was looking as expected...placated..and i smiled :)

We had all been to NIT Warangal on an event and it eventually turned out to be soo event full that me , Sindhura , Sai , Vinay and Arun were all in hyper-excited mode. It all started out with Sai , the protagonist of the event , going ahead and describing his ever-inspiring story cum life .. Was nothing less than stunned to c the way a diminutive frame standing out there casted a spell on around 300+ students in the hall.... to an extent that some of them even giggled aloud ! On a connecting spree Arun took to the crowd to a maze and made them draw an analogy b/w the story and their lives. Thts when I heard about "Who Moved My Cheese" for the first time !!

A kit-kat break followed Arun's "gyan" ..but na..we didnt have kit-kats..we had samosas...
Nibbling on them I started retrospecting...

"You are a hemmmm" hemed a girl teasingly to a guy in the crowd..
"What are you" ?? Nobody asked me as such.But i knew that i m definitely nt a Hem ...cant be categorized as Sniff or Scurry completely ..but not a Haw tooo to some extent !!..what so ever got engrossed in those lil mice ... oh my !! What Am i doing !! .... Supposed to go over the bullet points that i had noted down !! Shook my head n threw the mice out .Gobbled up the samosas hurriedly and made sure i got all the points in my brain that i was planning to deliver in the next 15 min...

The event witnessed me speaking over general stuff for engineering students , their career prospects n the need to keep their passion alive over years..Had an oppurtunity to showcase my works , my journey so far in the field of art , my work exp @ Oracle etc. etc along with sum Dos and Donts for them . Made sum wonderful tieups with the NIT Painting club , met inspiring personalities as well some frnds for life . After the scheduled Q&A session , we had to hurriedly packup to reach Hyd at least before midnight.

First thing that i did next day morning as anybody reading this blog would expect is - googled up for the online pdf and got a real feel of it.And yeah !! it got me hooked up...My Cheese havent been moved yet....but thought that i have had been in my comfort territory for too loong now and a change of sum sort would add color to it. Liked the way Dr.Spencer Johnson had woven the story in a simple yet thought-provoking manner - that i started relating it to myself for the better...

Have been reading definitely a good number in 2010 (including “Introduction to Materials Management” that lie on my desk every day :P) when compared to 2009 , but this lil one is worth-a-remember...

Hey !! If u guyzz r still wondering whats the story all abt !!…Go-Get-Experiece it urself…..Tata :)

The Rambling begins...

Okay, so that's it! This blog is tired of being abandoned. I can either leave it to die a slow death or rejuvenate it to bounce back. And since i'm very much pro-life , I opt for the latter.

From now on, every little thought that is worth being plastered on the mighty walls of the blogosphere, makes an appearance here. Creative writing can take a beating, but my creative thoughts will be treasured right here!

And with that, the rambling begins...

Why MyBlueStrokes !! Afterall Y !!

Well...Randomness in my thoughts has dragged me to blogging finally !!..Unlike many who blog with streamlined thoughts , here I am , to blog with my utterly confused mind , strayed away thoughts and a wanderer soul..

Now Why My Blue Strokes !!... From the time I remember ..Colors have always been my best palls..squabbled with them in evry phase of life in different forms....and the hue that always appeals to me is blue.. Only color that brings in the factor of completeness to anything ....Be it the water.. be it the it my blog :) .. My strokes as in my scribblings would be here straight from my soul today onwards ...In Essence...This blog would be my soul Rewritten!!...MyBlueStrokes !!