And yet , this parable got me hooked up...

"Hope there are not many people of that genre in this crowd " Arun's comment made me rethink...My eyes were following his hand movements waving around the podium in all directions.There is no second thought about his oratory skills but what made me muse this time is not the beauty of his expression .... it's his words that hit me hard !!

"Let me take you all to a world of maze - with four lil creatures making their way out it as guided by their reflexes.I am sure there would be none in this crowd who wouldn't be falling into any one of those 4 categories. Introspecting deep , it boils down to a fact that - its all about the way we perceive a change in life " .

Arun went on describing the fable "Who Moved My Cheese" ...nd about those four characters which Mr.Spencer Johnson has chosen to categorize people into - Sniff ,Scurry , Hem 'nd Ham !! Their characters being resembled by the very meaning of their names !!

Being seated in the first row I had the opportunity to look back at evry pause that Arun took ....just to collect the pulse of the audience seated there. Being a co-orator it looked promising that the NIT Warangal guys were actually enthralled and into the maze already ....felt happy that my task down the lane is half-simplified . Its at that moment that a whisper of two guys relating a kid from a painting of mine to tht SlumDog wala kid caught my ears as they went on talking more about the strokes and stuff..mueh !! audience do have artists !!! exclaimed me !! Looked back hurriedly at all my paintings and the theme based story line-up woven boards that we cautiously arranged on the seminar stage ....everything was looking as expected...placated..and i smiled :)

We had all been to NIT Warangal on an event and it eventually turned out to be soo event full that me , Sindhura , Sai , Vinay and Arun were all in hyper-excited mode. It all started out with Sai , the protagonist of the event , going ahead and describing his ever-inspiring story cum life .. Was nothing less than stunned to c the way a diminutive frame standing out there casted a spell on around 300+ students in the hall.... to an extent that some of them even giggled aloud ! On a connecting spree Arun took to the crowd to a maze and made them draw an analogy b/w the story and their lives. Thts when I heard about "Who Moved My Cheese" for the first time !!

A kit-kat break followed Arun's "gyan" ..but na..we didnt have kit-kats..we had samosas...
Nibbling on them I started retrospecting...

"You are a hemmmm" hemed a girl teasingly to a guy in the crowd..
"What are you" ?? Nobody asked me as such.But i knew that i m definitely nt a Hem ...cant be categorized as Sniff or Scurry completely ..but not a Haw tooo to some extent !!..what so ever got engrossed in those lil mice ... oh my !! What Am i doing !! .... Supposed to go over the bullet points that i had noted down !! Shook my head n threw the mice out .Gobbled up the samosas hurriedly and made sure i got all the points in my brain that i was planning to deliver in the next 15 min...

The event witnessed me speaking over general stuff for engineering students , their career prospects n the need to keep their passion alive over years..Had an oppurtunity to showcase my works , my journey so far in the field of art , my work exp @ Oracle etc. etc along with sum Dos and Donts for them . Made sum wonderful tieups with the NIT Painting club , met inspiring personalities as well some frnds for life . After the scheduled Q&A session , we had to hurriedly packup to reach Hyd at least before midnight.

First thing that i did next day morning as anybody reading this blog would expect is - googled up for the online pdf and got a real feel of it.And yeah !! it got me hooked up...My Cheese havent been moved yet....but thought that i have had been in my comfort territory for too loong now and a change of sum sort would add color to it. Liked the way Dr.Spencer Johnson had woven the story in a simple yet thought-provoking manner - that i started relating it to myself for the better...

Have been reading definitely a good number in 2010 (including “Introduction to Materials Management” that lie on my desk every day :P) when compared to 2009 , but this lil one is worth-a-remember...

Hey !! If u guyzz r still wondering whats the story all abt !!…Go-Get-Experiece it urself…..Tata :)


Sai Prasad

April 17, 2010 at 11:14 PM
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Woww ! Great post yaar ! Reminded me of that wonderful day we all had ! 400 kms drive overall, a great audience and such wonderful moments !

Wanted to write a blog on it myself, but you stole my chance :P !

But then needless to say, your paintings, mesmerised the audience that day ! While Arun passionately spoke of "who moved my cheese ?" and inspired people, your speech was on how you practically brought the change in yourself ! His was a lesson told and yours was a lesson followed :)

Keep the lovely work going yaar ! Looking forward to more !

Veera Karthik G

April 19, 2010 at 8:31 AM
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Till now I believed "Only the initial Strokes are beautiful" . But every stroke of yours is beautiful. Keep going and keep us inspiring Jhansi., :-)


April 21, 2010 at 8:59 AM
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Thanks a lot guyzzz

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