Tweet Tweet..!!..Twitters Alive !!

The room was dark with no rays of light sneaking into it .Had been posting some tweets on twitter and reading others for the past 15 min or so..but mere is do pal ki sukoon ko dekha nahi gaya Indian Electricity Board walon se , jhat se power cut !! Lazily gazed at the clock hung and realized that its already half-past-twelve !!Bumped out of the chair as it struck me that there were relatives too in the house n i have nt been spending time wid them - aaarrgghh !!... .....Browsing mein time kaise katt jata hai !

Hastily stepped out of the room and wht do i see - my lil bro playing in the hall wid ...wid..those lil tiny cute chirpy sparrows !! [The hall has an attached balcony - the only source of ventilation for air , sunlight , hyderabadi dust :P and ofcourse for sparrows tooo !! :-)] There were two of them i guess - or the third one was playing chuppa chuppi....looks like he has mastered the art of buttering sparrows ...they were hopping on his shoulders with out any slightest of the fears n hez giggling out of joy !!

Tringg Tring -- Flashback....Bachpan ki yaad aagayi..(Nahi yaar - woh wala bachpan nahi -- reminds of those days we shifted to this beautiful flat some 3-4 yr back !)
Well , there were three things that i liked the most abt this flat -
The balcony attached(used by sparrows to make frequent visits to the hall),view from the terrace (gave me a glimpse of this beautiful city) n ofcourse my neighbour's Skoda :P

Those days ,sparrows were plenty in the backyard n their chirpy, cute ways endeared them to us.Used to feed some seeds n water and it gave immense pleasure .Several incidents of dad removing sparrow's nest from the backside of a photoframe , a sparrow fighting with its reflection in the mirror of bedroom etc. etc. r always fresh n evr-refreshing in the memory DB ! These dayzz ...i stopped throwing seeds r even filling the water tub for them !! Or I would rather say loong time that i had actually seen a sparrow hopping in the hall !!

Hurried to him like a small kid and tried to play along with them..but they were flying back to him n i hardly managed to feed them or touch them even after 10-15 min !..hmmn..n my sonu ,raising his eyebrows said "Dekha !! -- yeh mere twitters hai !! Twitters alive !!"....Dekha jaye to this was my bro's plan in return to an incident happened that morning ...

It was early in the morning that day , my bro was wandering around me lurking sheepily at my lappy..n i was refusing to give him sum time on it.
"Sonnuu...I m on twitter - u dunno anything abt it...Jake khelo !!"

And he showed me that he had twitters alive n i was after the mirage !! --Haha...Awww !! Kya generation hai !!

PS: With Earth day coming around , Intent of this blog z to provoke earthly thoughts , as there may not be any "Sonu" s for every "Me" s existing today !!
Have Fun n Think Green !!




have fun think green :) i like it simple and sweet baavundi.., keep writing and keep those memories immortalized

Vamshi Mukund

April 27, 2010 at 3:47 AM
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I like the way you add pics to your posts.
couldnt pass down the second para..may be its the pace..but then again..its just me being critical.


April 29, 2010 at 6:13 AM
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Thanks Vamsi n Lavs
@Vamsi - Will keep it in mind ! :)

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