Post -EarthDay Effects ...!!

Its all over...I guess..The Earth Day passed by n the Earth week is gone !

However the seed of thought initiated by my Sonu(Oops ! Pluueashh do read the previous post to know who Sonu izz !)started rooting out n z finally budding n flowering !!

Sach !..Cursor ur way through the following snapshots..Sry i mean Flash thoughts...n do tell me if a E-Tree got constructed in my brain sand ! :-)

Incident 1 -Monday Morning, 9:45 AM - On my way to Office

"Huh!! ilaaaaaa at this rate i ll exhaust all the fifteen minutes left for the meeting! " .
I was standing opp to CyberTowers Parking trying to make it to the other side of the road to pickup my Orcl cab.I have been hazzling back n forth in an attempt to make my way amidst the flow of vehicles for about 10 min now.
Kept staring at the unending flow of vehicles...Bolero , Santro , Verna , Alto , Maruti , Splash , Splendour , n ...n a Skoda. :)
Not many have more than one person seated along with the driver !(Believe me ..thiz z the case wid innova too !)

Strangely rather than worrying about the slipping time , I started thinking about the pollution emission n horrified calculating the emissions(VolumeOfGases/m3) around hitech city for one day !

"As this rate this area will get swamped with smoke for future generations" ...Felt like chocking already !!!

Incident 2 - Friday Evening, 5:45 PM - On a time pass shopping with Lavs..

CoverUp Botique :
Went to pick up a casual top n was happy to c the Designer using paper-made bags for delivery !!(by physically challenged /orphan children n sum self-help groups ) Called her up later on reaching home n found out the details of orphanage - passed it on to a near by boutique frnd , a potential implementer of such ideas !
Hmmn... Was on a trial to connect the dots here wch r otherwise scattered !

Incident 3 - Saturday Night , 11:PM - After a freaking movie

It was during those EarthWeek browsings that i came across these wonderful lines from Dr.Abdul Kalam .Just wondered if these things were so simple n trivial , y would he chose to expatiate on them in the first place !

Well , coming back to me - those word r moments got imprinted to an extent that i atleast precariously remember to display-off my linux , shutdown my laptop / lights n fans evrytime they dont make sense !!..Naah I wasnt doing them regularly earlier - hence i say "precarious" :P

Incident 4 - Sunday Morning , 11:00 AM - Car Pooling at my apartment.

From Times Immemorial [:P - just exaggerating here]I have been planning to drive to my office , but my dad had always been a potential competitor [:P hehe kidding , the distance he gotto to travel for his office is triple da mine -- so..obviously ! - Hope the trend would be changing dis yr considering his latest posting !].
And coz we live in a so called "Estates" of the area with computer engineers flocking out ..I always used to look for people with similar destinations..

Well , then I was doing for my comfy...but now I have gone ahead n charted out a carpool funda n the response z amazing ! (n m doing simply coz the calculations of petrol saved per week in case of car pool just at my flats seemed to be too big a number to ignore !)..

Incident 5 - Sunday Evening , 5:PM - Money Plant distribution.

Naah ! Dont mean i did a mass distribution n all!Juz did the things in my purview....
Have been observing a few dry houses in my floor..primarily coz of the residents hectic schedules !Hmmnm...Thought of adding a tinge of greenery to their abodes.. :)

Since Money plant is the one that would sustain irrespective of proper care , sunlight , water etc.. n of course for being an easy re-shoot option , I had planted a few of them in bottles n pots n distributed them...Incredible..Smiles i witnessed on recipient's face were just incredible !

P.S - This post isn't a SD for sure :) .

Juzz a honest attempt to type down the thoughts/activities as pure as they were formed so that the genuine factor doesnt get lost ! All the above stuff mite nt be mighty enuf for a provoking change , however , denser the population involved in such activities n the longer the time period such activities r perused - the better for our very own Environment .

What say frnds ??


Shiva Sarath

April 29, 2010 at 12:45 AM
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Sharing a short story I wrote on similar lines for a competition sometime back as a response

A premonition of the Happening

After a few hectic weeks at the office, Rohit was happy that the product got released and he could get some vacation. He packed all his bags the next day morning and started driving to his hometown four hundred miles away. On his way, his car got stuck in the midst of the forest and it started raining. He left his car and went to wait under a tree.
He heard strange whispers suddenly, “Enough is enough. Now ask him to get out.”
He was bewildered and looked around and could not find anyone in his vicinity. Then he heard it again, this time a bit loudly with a tone of resentment this time.
“Don’t worry Mr. Human. It’s no ghost. It’s me the tree under which you are taking rest.”
Rohit said to himself a bit loudly, “What the hell? How can a tree talk?”
Then he got back an answer rather rudely this time, “Just because we don’t speak your language doesn’t mean we don’t talk. We communicate very quickly among each other.”
This time he heard a voice rather serene and soothing, “Dear, don’t be so rude. Otherwise, they may think we are human too. Sorry Mr. Human. Er, what’s your name?”
Rohit answered feeling a bit weird talking to a tree, “My name is Rohit.”
The calm tree said, “Don’t mind him Rohit. He is just angry that he lost one of his friends yesterday and that he thinks you were one of the murderers too”
Rohit wondered, “Me. How can it be?”
At this, the second tree snapped at Rohit, “Did you do anything to stop when a tree was being cut yesterday? You were too busy working with your computers. Did you ever wonder how many trees are being cut for the furniture and buildings you use daily?”
Rohit got angry and said, “How can I be responsible for something I didn’t even know? Do you expect me to go around the world to stop all trees being cut?”
The second tree cracked at him again, “You don’t change. Do you? You and your callous attitude towards fellow living beings. “
The first tree said in its usual calming tone as if nothing is happening around, “Be patient brother.”
The second tree said in its heated tone, “We have had enough of patience already. These humans not only are destroying us but destroying the Mother Nature with all their idiotic greed to capture the world.”
Rohit retorted back saying, “What can we do? With progress, certain changes are bound to happen and we can’t do anything to stop them.”
He said in a rather mocking tone, “Why don’t you do something about it rather than shouting at me? Oh! I forgot that you can’t do anything but accept what comes by. Isn’t it?” and walked towards the road as the rain stopped.
He suddenly could not breathe for a few minutes and started suffocating when he heard the rude voice of the tree, “This is what we are capable of doing. We are capable of doing a lot more but just like my mother tree which had been patient with you all the while and even now, we have remained patient for generations and generations together. But, we won’t be calm any longer. We have had enough. Do keep this in mind and try to behave like a true human who is supposed to compassionate and kind to all living beings.”
Rohit suddenly woke up from bed trying very hard to breathe and drenched in sweat. His heart was pounding faster than the alarm clock on the table.
“Huh, what a horrible dream it was? Was it a premonition to what is going to happen? What if all the trees stop being patient to all our deeds? I should do something about if from tomorrow onwards.” He said to himself and slept.
The next day morning, he forgot his dream and went back to his digital routine and being indifferent to the Mother Nature.
Do you want to leave it as a dream or do you foresee a warning? What are we going to do if it is real?
We should probably start doing something about it. At least we should start caring for trees, reduce pollution at an individual level and support Green Computing.


April 29, 2010 at 12:50 AM
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:) Good one Sharath !
Appreciate your time in even penning down such thoughts !


April 29, 2010 at 1:15 AM
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Nice ideas and thoughts! Keep it up :)



nice effort jans!!!...what happened to Car pool did u succeed in that in any way?



Its nice to hear from you that you are giving a thought to save the planet earth.

Please spread the same environmental responsibility to your colleagues like Suman, and Lavanya :))

just kidding !

really appreciate your green awareness !


September 28, 2010 at 4:40 PM
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Very good blog!!!! and a thoughtful one... Very nice....

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