..A lil more than half way to happiness....

..So ,I gave a free rein to my creativity last night after a stretched sulkiness of about one complete week.And i also have to attribute this change of mood to a loong discussion i had with a frnd and it cheered me up again and yeah , here goes what i have to write for today ...

"Em-Bee-Yea" ,a dream-cum-ambition-cum-desire ryt from times immemorial( okies , at least frm my college times ) , continued to take back seat over years now for reasons made by me (offo - Yeah !!).Or rather i say the quest went to peaks during my early days of Oracle however in no time the curve dropped to a level nearing the zero-line.I could have stretched to make the ends meet but just did'nt happen.

So what made me back to the path-Happy this time is this Em-Bea-Yea frnd and a looong chat with her.We spoke in length about skools and their gen env.The fin stuff tht sucks and the fun stuff tht entices , the opportunities ahead in the consulting world and the unending fun we have during classes.Those wonderful profs we meet and that wonderful frnds we make.Those hectic schedules we curse and those sleepless nights we experience.Those party nights we look forward to and those fun events we get drenched in.Totally total , it looked soo-oo-oo saccharine to me that i already felt i was stepping into some skool.Already half-way to the YAPPY-NESS .

Though a half-way to it in thoughts ! :)


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