A Decade and more talk..

This past decade has been quite eventful for me – I left home for college ( Okey , you should know i am a single child and my threshold for staying apart from parents was absolutely zero until i left home for my +2 studies ), I met people who would become some of my best friends ( infact the bestest ) , my desire of getting into one of the best UnderGrad Colleges of Andhra got materialized ( I know ! but you should know this - I was a 'non-local' Andhraite and there was a point when my admission into any of the Engineering Colleges at Andhra was under Serious Questions ) , my long held craving of having an Exhibition of my Art Works at one of the Best Galleries of the City was fulfilled .  I fell in and out of friendships, basically got transformed from a shy,timid girl to a matured lady who can at-least manage to reach out to solutions at any sort of grumpy situations for that matter and got to learn to manage people of any sort. I became financially independent and above that I learnt to love the work I was doing, and I also could strike a balance between my work , my extra curricular and entertainment .. Phew ! So much of my life till now took place in the last 10 years !

Having said that , there r quite a lot of things that got spilled over ( Yet to happen and i am quite hopeful for them to happen .... Ahem! ) to the next decade as well. However, the coming one would witness a more matured me after all that lessons et al i got to learn from this decade ...And yeah so this blog is for all that "gyan" i have been made to learn ,  that i need to read and re-read ;) to have a good stead in the coming decade :) ...

It’s okay if things don’t happen the way you planned -
That one odd mark kept me out of the Admissions into BITS at pilani into the streams that i wanted to go for and undoubtedly left me wondering how foolish i was for having not applied for any Dual Degree courses , for those would have some how put me into the prestigious skool. However , had that not happened i would nt have made into CBIT , where i learnt some of my Life's most fetching lessons and more importantly , got to pursue my passion only to give a more meaningful shape in the next few years....
I had planned for my MS during college  and for MBA right after college but situations saw me landing up in a software firm....only to make me more grumpy , but today i seem to be quite contended with my current work and the state of life.This state doesnt mean "ambition-less" me ..but i have had quite a wonderful journey i would always cherish...
Those two incidents actually taught me tht its ok if things dont happen as planned , your plans r not the only routes to make life better.Dont refrain from planning your paths , but realize there other better paths too.

It's good to think , wise to re-think but never over-think ! -
This is something i tried hard to sink with in me -" not to over-ponder" - given a situation.
Quite Often i did witness that , strategies that strike over initial and lil intense pondering do seem to be working out , but something that resulted out of over-analyzing and extremely meticulous planning will be limping with follies , most of the times .So , Think wise and Act smart - Things are no better even if you over cling to it !
Sometimes it’s best to learn to let go -
All my life i strongly emphasized on this .."Even as puppet in God's hands , One can put soo much weight that the threads would break open "..and goes without saying that i do believe in God , Destiny and all that stuff but again i believe more strongly that , even if something has nt been planned for you by the big man sitting there in the sky ,  it can still be made with human-effort ....However i feel quite restless when i landup in things i have no control over ...only to result in more perturbed times. 
So , this taught me that its quite important to learn to let go - Even if that would nt change the situations - that would definitely make me more calmer and cool....Whr else is Murphy's Law more significant !- "When things can go wrong -they will "..Learn to let it go...

You aren’t always the person you think you are -
As much bold and confident girl , i portray myself as , it dint really take much time to understand that probably it needs more time to title myself as one. One unexpected incident and i find myself drooping down and acting the way least expected out of me .Looking back on that event, there are so many things I wish I had done differently. But most of all, I was shattered by how weak my behaviour was through the whole episode – it was like seeing a new side of me that didn’t exist, and I wasn’t proud of me.And while the biggest take-away from that entire episode was that I promised myself that I would be a stronger, braver person, it also made me understand myself better, forced me to acknowledge some of my shortcomings, and work on them.

Live for today -
This is a philosophy I picked up along the way to adulthood. And it’s a philosophy I endorse completely. Sure, I look forward to the future with eagerness and anticipation. And I look back on the past with fondness and nostalgia. And yet, I live for today – I believe in making the most of now, and this has made me a very happy and a content person.

Phew ! And that’s the end of class for today folks. ;-) ..Have a relieved time ahead ;-) .



March 2, 2012 at 5:44 AM
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I am arun from bangalore..ur blog was good and i like ur attitude and your mindset that ur saying that ur financially indepnedent and i came to know that you are the best when compared to other girls and im nt impressing u but im telling the facts what i had read in your blog and i like that ur inspired by yourself and your extra-curricluat activties i know is that painting talent in you i had seen ur painting in your fb profile its awesome....and as a frnd am wishing u a good luck

Poorna G

September 20, 2012 at 5:12 AM
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Spent most of my day reading your blog posts, I feel so refreshed and excited to get to the next one. Keep pacing!

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